микросхема Hôtel Restaurant Bargeton

жильё,аренда , ресторан-отели en Lozère

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Hôtel Restaurant Bargeton

David Massador Village 48190 Cubières (Lozère)
телефон : 04 66 48 62 54
смотреть на сайте http://www.auberges-lozere.com/hotel_bargeton_cubieres_cevennes.htm Situated at the Northern gateway to the Cevennes National Park, at the foot of the Lozere Mountain, Cubieres is a 60 inhabitants village, surrounded by wild and protected nature.

Ideal to be practicing hiking for long or short stays.

Closed to the Lot, Tarn, and Altier springs, fishermen will be on their own ground. With David and Stephan, the Hotel Bargeton is being run by the 4th generation of the same family.

You will enjoy your stay in a friendly atmosphere, and traditional cooking.

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